Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not to be confused with R10-16

R10-16 is U-Turn Yield to Right Turn

I sat here on my bicycle a few minutes contemplating this sign, "Right Turn Yield To U-Turn" trying to visualize the dance of traffic and preconditions which would need to be in effect for this sign to take on importance. It seems to actually be saying Right Turn ON RED Yield to U-Turn else it doesn't make a lot of sense. Also, since there's no U-turn signal that I know of, it seems hard to recognize that a U-turn is about to occur and that you need to yield to it until after it has actually occurred while yielding seems to me to be something you need to do prior to the event occurring. But as a reminder of what right turn on red should be like it actually makes sense, as I have found myself in the situation of either the U-turner or the right-turn-on-redder and wondering who should definitely go. Only thing is, there's no sign that I could find for the U-turner stating GO AHEAD ON GREEN: RIGHT TURN ON REDDERS SHOULD WAIT FOR YOU TO U-TURN. So as ambiguity resolution it's batting about .500 which is better than .000 but still kind of leaves ya hangin. And leaves me wondering, is R10-16 simply an alternate opinion about how best to handle this situation? I honestly don't know, it's one of those deep mysteries of traffic engineering that probe straight to the deepest core of human psychology and the ticking of the amygdala.


  1. Hmm, a bizarre sign contest entry for sure!

  2. Is there a contest? I'll keep my eyes (and camera) open for entries.


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