Friday, September 9, 2011

Mountain Biking Day on Mingus

My kind of place

My kind of sign

My kind of road

Very fun twisty rocky trail

This one got steep fast as it dropped off the side of the mountain

This was a day of cool, rocky, exhausting bike riding bliss. Could I ask for anything else, really? I think due to the altitude as well as the hill climbing, it took me a couple of days to recover from this. But that was OK, since every little ache and pain reminded me of my day on Mingus. As I commuted to work and home, my body kept reminding me, "Remember Mingus? Remember Mingus?" I did, I do.


  1. Rockart!
    Seat looks a bit funky though.

  2. i've never tried mountain biking. i love what i see; the bikes, the scenery, the whole piece really appeals to me. i guess i've spent so much time on road bikes that the transition looks really unlikely but it's on my list to try sometime. awesome photos!!! steven

  3. limom that's the original saddle, and it does have a kind of strange shape to it, but is pretty comfortable in usage.

    steven, it's a very different sort of riding, although it can involve road riding in between trails or to ride to the ride. In Arizona I feel obligated to ride some of our trails once in a while because there's such a variety, so many I haven't ridden yet, and because it's so fun. Although crashing on gravel and cactus is not the fun part.

  4. Hey, nice bike! Just found your blog link over on Oldfool. I ride a ’94 Trek 950 in that same midnight blue so recognized it right away. Don’t see too many of those around anymore. So just wanted to say Hi and Enjoy the ride and I’ll probably drop back in from time to time.

  5. Hey mindful mule (great name btw), cool, I find the Trek 950 to be a great ride in many situations. I felt fortunate to get this one because it really was exactly what I was looking for.


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