Friday, September 23, 2011

Inner Bicycle Peace Temporarily Thwarted by Microscopic Particles

Traveling west near sunset on a grid pattern is squinty around the equinox

Achieving and maintaining that elusive inner tranquility and balanced peace while spinning home on a quiet sunlit lane was a challenge with snot running out of my nose like a fire hose. I've caught some sort of bug and feel like my nose is full of tube sealant of a fairly thin type and low viscosity while my throat looks and feels like it was scuffed it up with one of the tube scuffer-uppers that come in patch kits. I commuted by bike anyway, because I feel just kind of blah and yucky but not that sick, but I didn't really plan on needing a box of tissues mounted on my handlebar or a wastebasket mounted on the fork to catch all the used tissues, so that was sort of funny in a sad, snot running down my face, bubbles coming out of my nose, squinting into the equinoctial blaze and wondering if it's every going to cool off here kind of way. 

Yes, at multiple points I slowed down and did a farmer nose-clearing maneuver with impressive results. Still it was more or less a complete farce so I just thought I would share that. And some cool pix of sol giver of light and life on the day with all the news stories about neutrinos possibly traveling faster than the speed of light. Skepticism is warranted but man would that be some kind of stunning and crazy discovery. The thought that as we learn more we find out how little we actually knew and how much there is left to figure out was enough to distract me for a while from my post-nasal predicament. Until, of course, it became so profound that I had to pull over and do that farmer thing again.



  1. i think being sick when it's hot out is the worst.
    i hope you feel better.
    i always liked the term 'snot-rocket' for those one-finger-nose-clearers.

  2. Yeah, I've given up snot-rocketing while I'm riding. It always seems like I stupidly launch it in whatever direction the wind is coming FROM, and we ALL know the results of that, right? Any more, I stop and plaster a Kleenex all over my face with both hands.

    And, JRA? I'm thinking we got some sort of allergy thing going in Phoenix. Same symptoms: scratchy throat, runny nose, sneezing all over the bike computer. But it doesn't go ANYWHERE and the snot is clear, for the most part. I took Tuesday off, stayed indoors with the air conditioner, and everything cleared up. Got back on the bike Wednesday and ... ah ... ah ... eh ... ... ... AWCHOOOOO!

  3. The "farmer thing" often hangs in my mustache and is distracting but I do it anyway.

  4. I thought I was the only thing faster than the speed of light.
    Oh well.
    Napkins at 7-11.
    Good stuff.


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