Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dogs Love to Run in a Pack

Who's a good dog? Who's a good dog?

What really caught my attention, after the red hair and the electric conveyance she's riding, was this enthusiastic and lively dog trying to pull the whole ensemble along. The dog is hooked up to a Springer dog-bike attachment system, AND a secondary/backup leash-around-the-waist/belt backup system. I wanted to ask about that. The Springer (I learned) has some sort of safety release so that if the dog goes one way around a pole or bollard while the cyclist* goes around the other side, they don't wind up in some kind of World's Spinniest Dog and Cyclist videos show. So I guessed that the backup leash is needed because (or in case, depending on level of caution) the dog comes off the safety release. Hey, I would do that, I carry extra lights, and backup batteries for the extra lights. I carry a spare tube for a 700c tire even though I don't even have 700c tires. So I am entirely in favor of an excess of preparedness.

In figuring out what exactly the dog-bike attachment system was, I found this video. I've jumped to the good part: my safety orientation would preclude me from hooking up four medium-sized dogs to once bicycle, but I'm glad they did: dogs love to run in a pack.

*I recognize she's not a cyclist at this moment, but I'm not sure what the operative noun is--scooterist? mopediatrist? e-cyclist? electroveloquist? velocimpeder? phlogistonator? Yo: red?   


  1. Red hair!
    I'd follow her like, forever!
    I'm a good dog.
    At least my dog thinks so.

  2. "I carry extra lights, and backup batteries for the extra lights."

    Good for you. The first step to a cure is to admit to having a problem before you have to buy a trailer just to make a local ride!

  3. good boy limom here's a new bike do again!

    Steve, hang on, if parts of the trailer are obviously turned on a lathe or CNC-milled out of unobtanium, I'm in. Just in case.

  4. That scares me...

    I had a co-worker who tried something similar, and ended up with a badly broken hip because the dog did something unexpected.

  5. JRA: LOL. I'm an old fashioned boy. Titanium will work good enough, though I will watch eBay carefully for the unobtainium upgrade as long as the weight savings is greater than $100/gram. ;-)

    Have you heard about that new, lightweight water?

  6. springfieldcyclist I tried it with my beagle-mongrel on my blue Stingray when I was a kid. He loved it, I loved it, right up until he went into CHASE THAT DOG! mode and made me crash. Not doing that again, ever, thanks.

    Steve, not sure, I did read about a lightweight water kit where you carry the hydrogen as a gas (lighter, right?) then ignite it in a controlled reaction vessel to create water to drink. Estimated weight savings is 4g per liter. Note: risk of explosion.


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