Friday, September 2, 2011

Cycling: Hot Road Action!

At first there weren't too many cars

Then there were a few but they were very manageable and orderly

Then a firetruck appeared

And an 18-wheeled bike lane decoration appeared

All in all a very enjoyable commute ride home. With some hot road action. Long weekend: go get some.


  1. That truck looks like Optimus Primes cousin.

  2. A fire truck in traffic always makes me a bit nervous as it gets the motorists moving right while they are a bit distracted by the truck. I tend to not only move over to the curb but actually get on to the sidewalk and wait until traffic has started to normalize again.

  3. DAN, poor Optimus, reduced in life after making mediocre movies to the role of a moving van.

    Steve A, me 2, in this situation I parked at the curb and was taking a photo, which illustrates the range of motorist behavior when they're required to pull over to the right: from "do nothing and keep driving" to "slow down" to "merge in an orderly fashion as far right as possible" to "stop immediately wherever I happen to be because I didn't notice the firetruck until the last instant due to texting" to "make an abrupt turn to the right and drive straight to the curve", they do it all. Firetrucks should hand out driver's manuals, if they had the time.


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