Sunday, August 14, 2011

Up Ting Creak

Initially, I thought this sound was due to the bottom bracket on the flatland commuter project bike. I guess it still could be, but with no load just spinning in the stand, now after servicing and adjusting the BB, it is dead quiet and very smooth. It could also be the chain line, which is off a few mm, which I planned to remedy with a new bottom bracket. Said bottom bracket arrived, and uncovered what is probably the true cause of me being up ting creak: loose crank arms. The old arms were clearly loose on the new spindle. I can't really explain why the crank arms on the old spindle+bearings+cup spindle seem tighter than on the new BB spindle except that maybe 40 years ago the spindles were a little more tolerant of crank arm hole wear or something like that. Dunno. I went back to the old BB, at least the cranks seemed to be tighter on that spindle. All the stuff is made in Japan and should be JIS.

I've greased and torqued (in the video the pedal nuts are torqued to >300 in-lbs) and tried other things, but it still makes the creaky ting sound when I apply pedal power. I took apart the new Eggbeater 3 pedals and greased them up just to be safe. (however trying to find the service instructions for the EB-3s on the CB site = exercise in futility currently). Any way you look at it, whether it's chain line, bottom bracket, or worn out crank arm holes, I'm looking for a replacement crank set. Which is sort of a bummer, because other than being up ting creak without a pedal, I like the old one. I might try one or two more things to stick with this one, and I'm open to suggestions.

SOLUTION!! limom, our Hawaiian correspondent, suggested that it could be the seatpost-saddle, eh voila! I put the old seatpost-saddle back in after cleaning and greasing, and that strange ping-ting-creak-ting-ping sound is gone. I went that way after reading his comment because I took it for a spin and compared sitting down with standing up. Sitting down: well, just like in the video. Standing up? SILENCE. Tip of the ten gallon cowboy bicycling hat to limom!


  1. Gremlins.
    Creak sproing.
    Motorcycle folks got like gremlin bells.
    I'm thinking of hanging a cow bell on my bike.
    You know, to drown out the other sounds.

  2. limom! You psychic bicycle mechano-genius! It turned out to be the seatpost-seat--silence is mine. Thanks man! I think the seatpost is .2mm too small.

  3. I think I read about it on the webz.
    What size you need? as you know, I have a nice assortment.

  4. limom, you are too kind, I think I may try the original bullet-proof heavy duty, non-tinging steel post for a while.


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