Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Raining Dust

I needed a ride

I heard there was a thunderstorm warning with a dust storm headed our way, and it sounded far enough out that I could squeeze in a ride and maybe snap some pix as it approached.

In mid to late summer in Phoenix, the sounds of the early evening are cicadas, wind, and thunder as the wind and dust comes in. It was starting to get dark and the wind was picking up, and riding with grit blasting into your eyes and lungs is not my idea of fun, so I pedaled hard to try to beat the storm to my house. I almost made it.

Blue sky to the northwest. The storm came from the southeast

To try to get better pictures for you, the reader, I road up to Lincoln drive, which has a higher elevation and a nice view of the valley. This storm rolled in after it was dark, though, so I didn't get any WALL OF DUST photos this time. Still trying.

It's getting darker...

OK time to rock and roll and get inside

About a mile from my house, the winds did pick up and I was eating/breathing/blinking grit, which is not pleasant, but I take full responsibility for it for riding out in a storm--when they issued the dust storm warning, they said STAY INDOORS which is pretty plain, and not exactly in line with "get on your bicycle and go for a ride to take some photos." Kind of like my relative who grabs his surfboard whenever a hurricane or tropical storm blows by.

I did need my ride today, as the exercise and time on the bike has become a daily requirement. The storm was almost an excuse to grab the bike and go ride hard for a little while. Or rather, a trigger to go. The trouble with doing something impulsively like that is sometimes you forget something. Like a quotation mark in a dialog bubble. Sorry, barrel cactus, IOU one closing quotation mark. I'll drop by next week and pay my debt.


  1. Some of these photo's were great. Thanks for the efforts even though there were warnings not to go out!

  2. The end is near.
    For your chain.

  3. Great pictures! What a strange place we live in! We don't get Haboob down here in Tucson and I am glad, but the pictures are amazing. Glad you got home in time.

  4. Interesting images and an interesting post....
    Limom's right of course, your chain is probably on the way out...!!


  5. Very cool photos, even if you didn't get a wall of dust, you got inclement weather at night, with a bunch of rocky terrain, all awesome stuff. Living where I do, it's hard to imagine a dust storm.

  6. I got some good shots, but a couple days later and it feels like I still have grit in my eyes. Note to self: wear the goggles next time.

    When I got home, I noticed dust adhering to my silicone flashy light. I shudder to think about what stuck to my chain.


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