Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Voted in the Phoenix Mayoral Election by Bicycle

Semi-custom fabricated mail-in ballot carrier

Saturday and riding down to a mailbox felt like enough of a workout for me. The Flatland Commuter Project v.1.0 is complete, so a short trip just to make sure parts didn't instantly fall off was in order. Hey, let's vote in the city election! When I slid the mail-in ballot under the bungee net, the clips snugly grasped the edges of the envelope, which was a handy and unexpected bit of functionality.

Several candidates on the ballot with actual differences to base a decision on!

I watched most of the Town Hall that our local Channel 5 hosted with four of the candidates to hear their views on the various current issues. I had more or less already chosen based on who is most in line with my views on public transportation, funding for public art, bicycles, and the other issues, but I wanted to listen to what they had to say. I also read that only about 20% of registered voters actually cast a vote, typically, in the Phoenix City elections, so my wife and I both make sure to send in our ballots.

The Rebel Contender at the ballot box

No parts fell off the Flatland Commuter on the way to the mailbox or back. I know it's not an epic double-digit miles at dawn Saturday ride, but it was a local trip that many or most people in Phoenix would hop into the car to make on an August afternoon. So far, I'm lovin my lugged steel framed fixie. Haven't used it on a longer ride or a commute yet, since I've been experimenting with bolting on and unbolting off various items from the parts boxes and shelves to see what seems to work best on it. I will probably stick with this configuration for a while, although saddle, brake levers, seat post, handlebars, ting-ting bell, and pedals are all on the list for further analysis and experimentation. Now that everything seems pretty smooth and secure, a longer ride is definitely in order.



  1. It's great doing everyday errands and chores by bike. Sometime, somewhere, someone will notice and think "Why didn't I think of biking to the XXXXX too?"

  2. Color coordinated Ulock.
    I'm impressed.

  3. the wheels - are so clean!!!! steven

  4. PaddyAnne, agreed, and I put this yellow bike together with errands and commuting in mind, although I am still trying different things on it.

    limom, true, although I may contact the lock company to see if it comes in a zinc chromate yellow rather than flat.

    steven, not for long, not for long.


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