Saturday, June 4, 2011

When Lizards Fall

Is this a new lizard on a new wall or an old lizard on a soon-to-be-gone wall? Looks newish...

Caught, and posted, just in case this is goodbye, my green lizard friend of many awesome rides

I'm no constructor/desconstructor, but a big red O does not look like a good omen for this section

Such pretty pipes you have

Whether it's an attractive wall to quiet the baleful keening of millions of withering souls, or any other decoration to break up the visual and aural noise of a freeway, like "The Path Most Traveled" which I have visited many time, I appreciate and enjoy the effort and expense it takes to put together something like this, and so I also do not like to see it come down. So, I rode out on what had to be the most glorious Memorial Day Weekend riding weather in the history of weather in Phoenix to get some pix of what was. I am optimistic of what will be when they are done, particularly with that first picture, although it's actually hard to say for sure what it means. I have floated down this path past the old lizards many many times, and enjoyed each quiet, tunnel-like passage, just me and the lizards. We'll see what follows. Love those blue and green pipes. Love them. Get up. Go ride.



  1. I'm unclear on why they put the wall up recently only to tear it down. Did they have no better way to spend the tax money?

  2. Steve, apparently while the did not skimp on wall art, they skimped on wall height. So they old too-short wall has to come down with the art in order to put in a taller wall. Maybe.


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