Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Turn I Always Miss

Looking out at the turn I always miss

There's a clearly marked sign: UNDERPASS -----> with an arrow pointing down here. Even though the sign itself is obvious, though, to my eye, the turn itself blends into the background, and more often than not, I ride past it. Even though I've ridden it dozens of times. The rest of the TCT route, I could ride with my eyes closed, I know it so well, but for some reason, this turn, which is just before Tempe Town Lake, I ride by it. Next time out here, I think I will just ride by it on purpose, and keep going, to see where I wind up. Sometimes, you have to listen to those subconscious agents, to try to find out what they want. OK you guys, I'm riding, I'm riding, where the heck are we going now?


However, in this case, I have a feeling the subconscious agents may be deceived, or just plan wrong, or absentminded at best. Because when you take the correct turn here, and go through the underpass indicated by the sign, you soon encounter the Indian Bend Wash nature viewing area, shade structure, and watering spot, which is much-needed and very welcome as the desert summer weather comes around. This Most Dependable Fountain stands stoic, waiting to provide crucial resupply of water most dependably. I tested it to make sure it was still working dependably:

A most dependable fountain, functioning within nominal operating parameters, intended for humans, with secondary provision for dogs at ground level

There's also a doggy dish at the bottom of this unit, which fills from a button on the opposite side. I saw a guy watering his dog in the TOP bubbler, though, (tip of the hat to my Wisconsin readers), holding Rover up to the nozzle while Rover lapped away. I love dogs, and know that pet owners smooch their own pets all the time, but I didn't feel comfortable with this particular strange Rover's oral bacteria transferring to my water bottle, and knowing that there's an excellent refill station just a little further along the path by the lake, I skipped it. Yuck. Just yuck. I tested the doggie bowl down by the ground and it worked just fine. I considered filling my water bottle with the doggie fountain, but just shook my head and laughed at the backwards way things turn out when you are delayed two minutes by missing a turn you have no good reason to miss. Perhaps the ground here was too hot for Rover's tender paws. I believe he was riding in a basket, and I can sympathize with tender paws. Get up. Go ride.

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