Thursday, May 26, 2011

Falling Behind, Catching Up, Riding On

Progress...a week ago. Pictures stacking up. Got to catch up!

There's only two days in a weekend, and I used mine for other rides this time than the Tri-city tour that takes me past the bridge project over the rubber dam at Tempe Town Lake, so I didn't catch the latest progress in digital image form. But it doesn't matter, since I haven't even posted the pictures from the previous Tri-city tour!  I guess it's a good sign that life is full, and the days jam-packed, but I would like to be somewhat timely on my posts! I mean, at this rate, my next update is going to be riding across it! They have those massive blue cranes in place, I can only hope to use to lift those spans into place when ready. Which for all I know they already did. Of course, given my previous bridge span placing experience, I would recommend a 550 ton MEGA-WING for lifting something like that. It just seems like a good idea to go big when lifting those spans.

In the spirit of catching up, photo-wise, here's another picture, linked to this previous one only by virtue of being from the same area--it's along the bike path up by the nature area just to the north of Tempe Town Lake. When I read it, it came as something of a relief to be told that I'm not alone in having some confusion in differentiating between acacias, mesquites, and a few other similar trees here in the desert. The sign helps. A little. As long as there are flowers I am in good shape, I guess. Get up. Go ride.

Next time I will keep my eyes open for the compound pinnate leaves.

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