Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Traffic, A Poison Flower

The lovely, the fragrant, the very toxic oleander and its blossoms soften the view of the oncoming traffic for the bicycle commuter, don't they? Their dense leaves provide excellent shade, and whisper-hiss when the winds blow hard. The quail like to run around their bases. I've occasionally found humming bird and other nests deep inside these bushes. And they are true survivors in an arid place, drinking up all the water they can, then patiently waiting until the next watering, whenever it happens to arrive. I've posted this plant before, I know.

A bicycle commuter, smelling toxic flowers, looking at traffic. Some see dangers all around. I just see a pleasant Spring moment. Although I think I would wear sun screen if I had to wait on the bus bench every afternoon, facing the west like this. Get up. Go ride.



  1. Your photos always make me think exotic. The palm trees, the beautiful flowers, and all that sunshine are a wonderful contrast to my Midwestern landscape of bare cornfields/soybean fields and still mostly-bare trees.

  2. Toxic cars on one side vs Toxic plants on the other. Hmm! I'll chose the Oleander!

  3. I think that bench would not be pleasant on a hot Arizona mid day wait. Even WITH the oleander.

  4. Thanks JK, on my side, sometimes I miss the midwest. A little bit. :)

    Steve A and PaddyAnne, perhaps a Report from the Bench: Summer Edition, will occur sometime around August, to update on the status of this location.


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