Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lock Shaped Objects

Lock Shaped Object, got it on lock (not)

At work, I suggest to people that they not leave valuable things just sitting out on their desk, particularly not money, or mp3 players, or other easily sold things. So, in my book, no one should use a cable lock at a bike rack in a city because they are next to useless. Compared to the cost of even a cheap bike, a decent U-lock is very affordable, and offers much more security than a cable and lock like these, which is easily defeated. These lock shaped objects do nothing but lend a false sense of security. At least the one in the picture was carefully wrapped with electric tape. Get up. Go ride.


  1. All my "just a minute locks" are cable locks. Point well made, however, since most cable locks are used under the false impression that they are more than momentary delay to a thief.

  2. In one of the forums I frequent, I think it was, they had an article about bike locks.

    If I'm remembering the right article, the conclusion was that ALL bicycle locks, U-locks OR cable, are just what Steve said: "momentary delay to a thief."

    And I seem to remember a picture in the article of a bike securely locked to a rack with one of those high class U-locks. I can't remember what the frame was, but think high dollar like Linskey. But that's all it was: a frame; the wheels, saddle, handlebars, even the drive train and pedals ... all gone.

  3. that was the kind of cable I had when my bike was stolen. Had forgot my ulock that DAY so resorted to my backup. Was gone that DAY. Like they had been eying it just waiting.

  4. A friend of mine recently had his key break off inside a cable lock. I
    used my dremel tool and a single cutting disc and we had the bike free
    in about 20 seconds. The Dremel would fit easily in most jacket

    I would have to assume his next lock will be better quality.

  5. BluesCat, true, locks are a delaying factor, but some cause more delay than others, and may offer more resistance than a cable.

    FraSiec, that's a shame. Although carrying a spare u-lock seems excessive, too.

    Brad, those cut-off disks at several thousand rpms go through a lot of things pretty fast.

    Steve and Trevor, I think I would only consider using a cable as a just-a-minute lock that I could also keep an eye on.


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