Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Multi-take

A simple composition may still induce repeated re-looks

I think it was the zip ties, along with the slightly tawdry, morning-after-the-party feel of this sign, that made me wheel around and take a picture of it. The first command seemed uncommonly obscure to me for a public sign in what was probably a crowded, party place. Don't what? Indeed, upon consulting the digital oracle which contains all knowledge and all truth, "don't over taste" doesn't seem to be used. Ever. 

Then there's the strange perspective of the black bird at the top of the picture. Didn't do that on purpose, he just showed up there. Probably hanging out on the gravel in the background, just the right place to come out looking like a miniature version of himself perched on the rail. I have a feeling he's an over-taster. I'm starting to believe I am. Well, it is the weekend, and if you're going to pick a time to over taste, that's probably the best one. You can always ride farther to balance things out. Get up. Go ride.



  1. I was wondering about the bird, whether it was real or not. It almost looks like a bit of "art". Have a good ride!

  2. PaddyAnne, I didn't even notice the bird until I looked at the photo. A lapse of attention on my part. Perhaps he is saying ATTENTION! ATTENTION! :)

    limom, me too. Also hungry.


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