Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Bike Lane Wall Art


  1. Interesting.
    In a well, interesting sort of way.
    What are the cylindrical thingys behind the wall and why do they need cooling fins?

  2. That's cool, like enormous bead art.

  3. limom I so far have failed (failed!) to find additional details (who what where when how why etc) about this art adorning the wall of a city water reservoir. There used to be a chainlink fence, and for security reasons they put up this imposing wall, and for esthetic reasons they dolled up the wall with these rock bead thingies. Which would be a great and/or awesome thing to do to the horrific blank wall in front of the treatment plant across from Cortez High School, so I would love to find out more info about the art in this post. I'll keep trying.

    RTP, it also reminded me of tree beans (mesquite, acacia), but these are some unique forms which appear specifically crafted to break up the walls imposing linearity.


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