Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Umbrella Me With Otherness

Pavement imagines a bicycle

Monday's warm spring showers washed the day's dust off.
I paused at a stop sign to watch the cars roar past, headlights twinkling the drizzle.
I thought to take photos of their streaking passage, but the images did not please me.
This one did: my machine's image spackled across the pavement.
My watts kept me warm. My spin carried me home. 
The cactus and I had water running down our skin. 
I'm the one on the corner with a bicycle, catching raindrops on my tongue.
The cactus is the other one, shorter, greener, with more spikes.
Both happy with the spring rain.
A BMW SUV changed lanes on a quiet street with big puddles to avoid drenching me.
A woman in a black car reversed back into her driveway to let me know she saw me, recognized me, waved and smiled back, umbrellaling me with her dry thoughts for a damp cyclist.
Umbrella me with otherness. Hope at me in the falling water. 
Fire mirror neurons in an infinite regress of back scattered subliminal.
You. I. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Fantastic words once again.

    My 'ommage to this post: http://yeahyeahyeahyeah-yeah.blogspot.com/2011/03/green-grass-of-tunnel.html

  2. Great image and a super text..


  3. That'd be a great image on a t-shirt.

  4. Beautiful shot, and great descriptive text as well! I especially love the line about neurons. Great post.

  5. Great text.. i hear your words & read them over and over but the snow... the PILES of snow tell me to STAY INSIDE.

  6. It is strange to see a spring where Phoenix has gotten more precipitation than DFW.

    It is good to see that your motorists are aware and inclined to not make you more wet than necessary...

  7. placid casual, thank you for the 'ommage!

    To the other commenters, thanks for your umbrellaling, your words will keep the rain off for a day or two.

    Ali, spring sees you coming and is getting ready to back into the driveway so you can ride on.

    Steve A, it is good, I would like to issue points for good behavior to my motorists when they exhibit it.


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