Monday, March 28, 2011

My Braindead Ducktastic Canal Ride

A canal bank sun duck

Goin for a ride.
Where you goin?
My usual braindead canal route. Really tired, but it's such a nice day out there, and the ride always revives me. 
You're saying you're a zombie. I know the feeling.
Well, yes.
I thought they didn't like sunlight much.
This one does.
Well, be careful out there.
It's Sunday afternoon. It'll just be me and the ducks. No problemo.

How was the ride?
It was ducktastic! I left my zombie brain out there somewhere.
Did you ride a different bike?
Yeah, I took Bip, the steel mountain bike. 
There's some udon noodles left for dinner. You could put some of those crab ravioli in from last night, that should be pretty good brain food.
That sounds fantastic. Let me show you my baby duck pix. They were glowing in the low angle sunlight. Just floating along. Free and easy. That image might be useful in the coming week.

Get up. Go ride.


  1. As you said absolutely 'Ducktastic'..! I think we all have a fallback ride that is a nice easy ride that has that magic reviving effect.


  2. Ah yes, the recovery ride.
    With ducks.
    Sounds cool.

  3. Hey now, ya mustn't forget the effect of a Serfas Drifter: The Roadley Wears 'Em Too.

    Even a mere 5-mile-spin is a sure cure for The Somnambulistic State! (Ya can even say the word afterwards!)

  4. I must confess, I've never seen a "High Vis" valve cap before!

  5. Trevor, it's definitely one of those "motivation follows action" situations. Just ride.

    limom, the male ducks definitely make quacking sounds, despite what you may have read.

    BluesCat! Hi! I haven't ridden these tires very much yet, but like em so far, pumped to the max air.

    Steve, that's a slime tube cap. Not only do the tubes help me combat the goatshead thorns, but the cap adds .002 % side visibility to non-colorblind drivers of very short cars!


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