Friday, March 4, 2011

and the flowers were all like POP!!

I was riding home and thinking it was glorious early spring upper-70s weather, sunshine and short sleeves, and then the flowers were all like POP!!!

Just a few days ago I was wearing gloves and feeling cold on the ride in. We're still in for some weather ups and downs before the warm weather really stays, I'm sure, but this is a promising sign. Very soon, the scent of citrus blossoms will fill the air, and I will be pushed near and possibly over the edge again. In a good way. Ah, spring and the birdsong chorus. People locked up inside their cars have no idea. I may have to wear a flower in my helmet to celebrate the season. Get up. Go ride.


  1. siggghh
    Flowers, unless purchased and brought inside are a distant mirage on our horizon. I enjoy seeing yours however!

  2. So nice to see the flowers 'popping' up.
    Nice to see the signs of spring...!


  3. Perhaps inspired by your blog, trees around here are awash in flowers.

    It may be time for a wildflower tour soon...


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