Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Regarding the Roadrunner

Welcome to the blog, my old friend

Somehow, I haven't posted before about one of my favorite desert birds, the roadrunner, Geococcyx californianus, a friend to all cyclists possessed by the spirit of Kafka, Cervantes, and Monty Python. They are fun to watch, and even more fun to try to take photos of with one pedal of a fixed-gear bike clipped in. This one moved fast, and was very adept at keeping cover between itself and my camera.

What the coyote sees

In mating season, I have seen them dance up to reflective windows proudly bearing huge lizard-prizes in their beaks, to demonstrate their prowess to the bird in the reflection. I was happy to see this one made it through last week's freak Arctic freeze. It seemed to be out enjoying the more moderate temperatures and bright sunshine. And no, they do not go "beeep-beeeep". They do, however, seem to shy away from any object marked "ACME". 

Roadrunners sometimes get used to people, but I've seen that end badly for them when they get too relaxed around cars and parking lots. This one, though, he seemed to possess the right level of suspicion of our species. He darted. I rode. Get up. Go ride.


  1. How large are those things?
    That one appears chicken sized?

  2. reminds me of when I lived in Mesa as a kid.

    they're so angular! all points and straight lines.


  3. I used to see roadrunners sometimes when I lived in Texas. Always entertaining!

  4. Just don't pedal your ACME brand fixed gear off the cliff while you try to catch it!

  5. limom, smaller than the genetically modified super-bird freaks that go by the name "chicken" these days, but those birds that used to peck around the farmyard, and laid eggs wherever? Yeah, about that big.

    Clowncar, those shapes and colors really blend in with the background, don't they?

    Apertome, those were armadillos.

    cycler, I can only hope there is such a thing as an acme fixed gear.

  6. Ironic that you got a shot of a roadrunner the same day I got a shot of a coyote...

  7. Steve A it might have been the shot of espresso inducing cross-blog synchronicity!

  8. Haha. I like the idea of mistaking an armadillo for a roadrunner. Too funny!


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