Friday, February 18, 2011

The Longer Way Home

Up there: let's ride

Tonight, with rain threatening to dampen my commute, and assured to soak the weekend, I opted to turn 90 degrees off my normal commute, and take the longer way home: up the mountain, along the heights, and down the wheeeeeeeeee switchbacks back down.

Up there: it's not that steep, or that far, but it is NOT the way home, and is just for fun

I used the granny ring to get up there. As I don't usually ride up hills on my commute, it was off the beaten path, and my legs were asking "What the heck is this?" I explained that as it was Friday, and as we may not get much of a ride in this weekend if it pours rain for two days straight, this was a necessary and enjoyable diversion on the commute home. Yes, it was longer than usual, not a direct route, slower, more work, and also took some time, but I felt like prolonging the ride anyway. So I rode up there.

Looking back down

More or less, symbolic of my bicycle commuting in general. Riding a bicycle is not the shortest route, or the quickest, or the easiest, but it is rewarding for me nonetheless. In tangible ways like health, fitness, muscle tone, sure, but it's probably the intangibles that lead me to continue to affirm that riding my bicycle to work is much better than driving my car.

Phoenix, seen from up on Camelback, as a Pacific storm moves in for the weekend

Commuting by bicycle is, in itself, taking the longer way home, for me and my commute any way. Today, I made it even longer. And you know what? It was even better. Sometimes, it may not be the quickest, or the shortest, or the easiest, solution which yields the best result. That's probably kind of obvious, but riding my bicycle is an enjoyable way to validate that for myself. It's also probably something like what I've been thinking about while writing this blog. That, and you know, the other, nearly constant suggestion about what to do instead of sitting still at home. See you around. Get up. Go ride.


  1. What a great ride for you, and the way you write about it makes me so want to get up and go ride. I'm way past ready to get out on my bike. We've had temps in the upper 40's and 50's all week, so all the snow from our blizzard is gone. Hoping to get a ride in this weekend.

  2. So, what's with those signs in the top photo?

    As for the bike ride, Steve Jobs said it in a remake of a Chinese proverb: "the journey is the reward."

  3. JK I have found that when I get the urge to go for a ride, it works best if I just give in and go. The Inner Rider knows when a ride is necessary.

    Steve A, those are HEED THE SPEED signs. This is excellent: "During our last Heed the Speed Campaign, the City of Phoenix Police Department noted that local residents made up the majority of drivers stopped for traffic violations in Arcadia." Slow down, in other words.

  4. Rode over here from Kate's place, where I learned of your "One Speed: Go", and look forward to reading about your future Arizona rides (and catching up on some of your past rides as I can). Fascinating photography here, not to mention the thoughtful writing!

  5. Hey cloudhidden, welcome to the blog! I mix it up here. OSG may not appeal to a broad audience, but I like to think that my readers are fascinating and thoughtful like my photos and writing. :)


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