Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vertical Lineage Series 1


  1. hey, i love this idea.

    prepare to be imitated... (i'll be gentle!)

  2. Should I have been wanting to turn my head sideways on the top two pictures? JRA - breaking new ground once again...

  3. loooove these series, you plan on keep going with it right?! visualy awesome =)

  4. placid, cool! imitation the sincerest form, etc.

    Steve A, I still find my head wanting to tilt while looking at these, so it seems to be a natural reaction.

    m e l i g r o s a, the series must go on!!

    limom, !!!

  5. Lovely set of images, it messes with the mind. I like the unusual perspectives and creative use of reflections. I'm hoping to do more artsy photos in the near future.


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