Monday, January 31, 2011

Bless Me Intertia For I Have Spinned

A direct connection to the pavement

-Bless me Intertia, for I have spinned.
-What have you done now, JRA?
-I was riding my fixed-gear and momentarily tried to coast. Twice.
-Do not fret, this is a normal transition for a free-wheeler. A few hundred more miles and this lazy habit will pass. Even if you forget, I will quickly remind you. Did you crash?
-Oh no, at least my spin is smooth and supple enough that I went with the flow OK.
-Well done, JRA.
-Thanks, Inertia. Also, there's more...
-Yes, what is it, your confession is just between us. You may tell me anything.
-Intertia, I started to feel like brakes are less vital than I once thought! The feeling of feathering the front brake while using leg resistance to slow the back wheel put such spinful thoughts into my head! I dared to wonder how soon it will be before I can stop with no brakes at all!
-This also is normal. You won't go blind or anything for feeling this way. These natural impulses are not to be feared, but understood, controlled, and mastered.
-Whew! Ok, there's one more thing.
-I don't know if I should say.
-Of course you should. Get it off your chest. You'll feel better, my son. It's not the track stand thing, is it?
-No, no nothing like that. After about 40 miles of riding fixed-gear, I was struck with the strong sense that a freewheel is a needless affectation implemented by an overzealous engineer with a solution in search of a problem.
-Shhhhhh! Not so loud my son. 

-I know, I know, there may be free-wheelers about. Also, there's that fancy Eno freewheel flip-flopped on the useless side of the hub, which I got for Christmas after relentless hinting to my beloved for weeks, and which she purchased against her better judgment.
-Uh oh, yes, that is a potential problem. Well, look at it this way: that freewheel is there in case you need it. Perhaps to descend South Mountain, or Mount Lemmon.
-Brakes would probably be good there, too.
-Now you are starting to see the other side of the hub, my son. Balance in all things.
-Should I go fixed for commuting now, Inertia?
-You must look deep inside to the spin within to find the answer. Only time will tell. Legend has it that a fixed-gear ridden to commute in the summer heat of Phoenix can take you to The Next Level.
-What should I do in the meantime, Inertia?
-Keep riding that fixed-gear. Say three Hail Sheldons, and perform your assigned penance: Get up. Go ride.


  1. I sense, I sense a sudden change in the Force...

  2. "a fixed-gear ridden to commute in the summer heat of Phoenix can take you to The Next Level"

    Better known as "heat exhaustion."

  3. limom Luke rode a fixie.

    Steve A, one man's heat exhaustion is another's "Next Level".


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