Friday, December 10, 2010

Shadow Frog Seeks the Possibility of Joy in Every Moment

Shadow frog is a simple creature.

Give him an open road, some hopping music, wind on his skin, sunshine lifting his mood, and shadow frog knows to bend to each moment. To roll it over and over, look at it from different angles, from different sides as the sun crosses the sky.

To savor its potential, give it its due: this moment in its details may possess some new element worthy of joy, an exploration, a new idea, a striking splash of colors, new angular shapes bent across a brilliant blue dome.

A novel galaxy of photons tickling your retina.
Daggers of light in a whisper of smokey air.

Shadow frog moves his legs in the bright sunshine.
He's a simple creature.
Give this moment its due.
It may upon close examination hold something new.
With open eyes
With open eyes
Get up. Go ride.


  1. That is so cool!
    Maybe the coolest!
    Except he almost caught you at the stop sign.

  2. Loved this perfect match of music and movement. And blue sky!! It still exists?


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