Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Wander, Now a Blue Point

Knight Rise by James Turrell

Now a blue point, far, far in heaven floating,
As to the light emerging here on deck I watch thee,
(Myself a speck, a point on the world's floating vast.)
-Walt Whitman

I wandered on my bicycle to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. That blue ellipse is the clear blue Arizona December sky, through a hole in the ceiling of a small outdoor room. 

I wandered around this little white room staring up at it, and felt like I was spinning slowly around an inverted white vortex in thin air. Or else, trapped inside a giant, empty Kleenex box, looking out. 

I wander sometimes. Sometimes on foot, sometimes on my bike. Sometimes in my mind, into the very very blue, really just a point on the world's floating vast. Get up. Go ride.

Just blue, so blue

To hear more about this blue ellipse...


  1. Did you dial those numbers? Have I?

  2. That's pretty cool!
    What did the tour thingy say?
    Cheaper for Steve A to call than me.

  3. Apertome it loves you back man.

    Steve and limom I dialed. Some of the same facts that are mentioned in the page linked from the first caption, along with some background of his interest in light. I've got to mountain bike to Roden Crater when he finally finishes and opens it--2011??--thirty years in the making! There I shall fall down and watch the light blobs cross my retinas for eons.


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