Saturday, October 30, 2010

Knockout Grocery Run

We needed milk, coffee beans,and a few other basics to get Saturday morning off on the right foot. I haven't made many grocery runs lately, but out of coffee and milk is no way to start the weekend. Bungies on the rack to hold the bag worked OK, but I keep thinking that some of those homemade bucket panniers would let me carry a little more grocery cargo a little more securely. I left Gumby attached to the handlebar while I shopped just to see if he would be pestered or stolen. With Tony DeMarco keeping an eye on him from across the street no one would dare touch him. Not sure about the bike rack--the shorter loops worked OK for a back triangle lock, but those taller ones didn't look very compatible with any configuration. Maybe after some coffee they would have made more sense, though. Get up. Go ride.



  1. Hooks on the rack for reusable shopping bags will triple your capacity. Very versatile. Works for me. Buckets work but are noisy when empty. I like them anyway.
    Bell makes a temporary front basket that just hangs on when you need it. Pretty big too. I have carried a 12 pack in mine. Basket has a carrying handle as well. It's drawback is it braces against the head tube and makes a wear spot there.

  2. Hey, John. I could use some advice on outfitting my old Schwinn with a rack/rear basket, or should I go with a front basket? I like the rear basket, or something that could be removable.

    Any thoughts?

  3. Big Clyde, I like rear racks. For an old Schwinn there's probably a specific size/shape needed for compatibility with frame/wheel/fenders. You could try one of the more adjustable rear racks, the kind with the variable mounting on both ends, and see if it will fit, but you'd have to experiment. Baskets aren't my cup of team tho I can see why people like them. Front porteur racks also appeal to me because it looks like you could carry so much on a bigger one.

    Steve I employ bungies of all configurations including the net type.

    Oldfool the hooks for reusable bags sound like just the ticket, going to try those next.


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