Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Inexorable Depredations of Time and Distance

The cogs of time: old 12T on the left, new 12T on the right

Replaced the chain recently, and it's time to replace the cogs, too. The silver cog above is the old one. Some of the teeth had started to get a lip on the inside along the top, and it just don't cog like it used to. Some of them also had started to get that noticeable shark fin shape. In this picture they don't look that bad, though. Of the photos I took, I like this one the most, because the old one looks pretty good from this angle, even after much distance and time have teamed up to wear it down. This Old Cog. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Congrats on the new cogs (and on having ridden enough to need them)!

    Out of curiosity, what do you do with old cogs? It seems like they could be recycled into all kinds of interesting and possibly artistic, if not neccessarily useful, things.

    Next time I have occasion to swap some out, I think I might devise some kind of decorative ornament I can make out of the old ones -- maybe I'll get some of that faux-stained glass stuff you can melt in a regular oven and make suncatchers, or something. Or maybe I'll make coasters.

  2. hey Koko, I've had thoughts about what to do with old cogs, particularly nice shiny ones like these, but so far no great results to show/post. Now I've got two old ones on the shelf. They look like they have so much potential! Wind chime? Ninja throwing star? Business card holder? Suncatchers and coasters are good ideas. Shelf-space-taker-uppers: not a great idea.


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