Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Tubesday Were Applied the Shiny Lamina of Infinity at the Soleri Bridge and Plaza Project

If they don't make the OSG photo shoot date, it won't be due to lack of equipment

Measure twice, cast shadows once

No, that's not a truck spoiler

After installation: shiny pylons getting ready for full bridge status

All that these stairs lack now is a powerful cup of coffee and the sound of bells in the wind

After this is complete, I'll come out here and give readings from Voltaire's Treatise on Tolerance.
But the whole time I'll be remembering this blue man-lifter that helped to wrap these pylons in their shiny lamina.

Previous Soleri Bridge and Plaza project post including videos of dropping the span into place.

Notable today: The Phoenix New Times Jackalope Ranch blog mentioned One Speed: Go! as one the the blogs that makes them happy in a write-up that very clearly describes what I like to do here. Thanks Jackalopes! Get up. Go ride.



  1. Oh yes!
    We have verticality!
    Shiny kine.

  2. It's true. Scottsdale is ROLLING in money!

  3. limom the verticality (shiny kine) continued upwards New post on the way...

    Steve according to this article, the whole project cost $3.2 million, with the city paying for 1.7 of that out of a vote at a City Council meeting in April 2008. A quote from that article sums it up for me: "Public art is the defining characteristic of this community," said resident Mark Ortega, one of dozens who have urged that the bridge be built. "The funding of public art is just as important as what we put up and where we put it." (Arizona Republic, April 23, 2008, link above)


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