Monday, September 6, 2010

Making the Short List

We're In!

Monday, a day off, a good day to Get up. Go ride.



  1. Blade skaters of the world unite!

  2. Where is this magical land of trolleys, bikes and performance enhancing drugs?
    Truly a world where my dreams can come true!

  3. I would think "No Motor Vehicles Except Trolleys" would send a clearer signal. Wheelchairs? Strollers? Segways (previously spotted here)? Scooters?

  4. limom, I forgot to mention that horses cross here too, with or without carriages, and I'm not sure which one they are, possibly trolleys? I guess "PEDS" doesn't specify number, only type.

  5. Great sign -- though, I do have to agree that it (perhaps unintentionally) excludes a good number of other non-motor vehicles.

    Then again, in this age of electric bikes on the roll and motorized wheelchairs out for strolls, is it even possible to say 'no motor vehicles' anymore?

    Life is getting way too complicated!

  6. I was going to exclude electric bikes and include the motorized wheelchairs, until I pictured the guy in the wheelchair switching to an electric bike--then what? So...electric bikes admitted only with a handicapped permit! Otherwise, no bridge for you!


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