Monday, September 20, 2010

Dense Signage

I had to stop, get off my bike, and take notes just to read all these signs

Including the "Rent Condo" sign taped to the pole along with the flashing programmable one obscured by the trees, I had to pause a moment to take it all in. USDOT TIGER, hmmm, yeah, me too, I was wonder what the heck that is. TIGER: Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery. There's also a TIGER II. Does TIGER (I) have a site? In an ideal world, it would be the same url pattern as TIGER II, except with a 'I' behind it, or possibly nothing, just TIGER. But no. Next I found this link to a pdf file "TIGER vs. NII" which is not yet the TIGER site. There's a which is just a "this service is no longer active" explanation, but no, which is fun to try to say: "tiger dot DOT dot gov", which may be why they didn't go that route. So the answers are here in an FAQ, for now: TIGER is $1.5 billion in grants to build transportation infrastructure. TIGER II is $600 million more. It's odd, though, because the TIGER FAQ includes a list of final recipients of grants, and there are no projects listed in Phoenix. There is a project called "Modern Streetcar" in Tucson, which sounds cool, but I doubt it will reach this far. I even read the long list of TIGER wannabes here, which lists lots of Arizona applicants, but none in this area. So I will have to investigate further. There is a minuscule chance they are storing signs here in preparation for moving them to Tucson. But I doubt it.

I am hopeful that the grant, whatever it may be for, will include money to hire people to place electronic road information signs in positions where you can actually read them.

Get up. Go ride.



  1. I heard this morning that accidents cause by distracted drivers is up. Do you suppose this is the reason?

  2. At least they didn't include an Obama picture...

  3. oldfool you're gonna love my new invention then: RoadFace. A camera reads your license plate as you drive by, and then the next big screen down the road displays your latest twitter and facebook updates. You can reply by flashing your lights: one flash for retweet with your favorite canned response, two for LIKE on facebook, and three flashes means you're about to crash into the Jersey barrier because that last tweet made you laugh/cry/spit.

    Steve A: Yes we could!

  4. I like your new header!
    It rocks!
    Okay sorry, I just had to.

  5. limom Thanks! I went for simple. It also reminds me of: the day it hit 111F in September and I was out riding around taking photos of rusty cages full of rocks, and having a great time.


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