Thursday, September 2, 2010

Covered, As If in a Dream

Wait till you see the inside...

Riding on the other bridges over the fast-moving freeway traffic gives me a slight feeling of vertigo.
This one give me the feeling of riding through a dream.

Covered by the freeway, at Reach 11: I don't know what the danger might be

The trails at Reach 11 looked like this, covered with the sounds of cars on the freeway

If you want to ride flat, fast, and smooth gravel trails, Reach 11 has you covered.
If you want rough, fast, and hilly, the McDowell Mountains in the background got you covered.

The boojum tree is over that way. Get up. Go ride.


  1. This may sound like a stupid question but why are the overpasses covered?
    To prevent people from throwing stuff? To prevent jumpers?
    All the pedestrian overpasses here are uncovered.
    That area by the way looks awesome! Great for a little day trip.
    Any critters roaming around in there?

  2. limom yes I think those are the main reasons they are covered. Probably also so people don't crawl over the side to scrawl graffiti in a hi-vis location. I remember seeing that a lot in Chicago. Lots of critters--lizards, snakes, rabbits, ground squirrels, quail, road runners, cactus wrens, coyotes. Other than the one I saw walking up 44th street, though, you don't see many tortoises out there.


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