Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Wax Sculpture Exhibit

The winged girl who offers an apple to the goldfish tree is about to be devoured by an insect while the ponies look on with some interest.

The bat-dragon swoops in on the sun-lizard who dwells in the Pahara Solar System near Nutethiz.

The speaker-dragon envies the snake-camel's tail. The snake-camel envies the speaker-dragon's wings.

In the Hall of Wax, everyone uses sign language, because no one has a mouth.

Friday, helluvaweek, now a chance to kick back and peek through the noise at the possibility of seeing things a little differently. Seeing other people a little differently. Maybe to pause before reacting to consider that the difference you feel may just be a misunderstanding that could be worked out with a few moments of cordial discussion, over a coffee, say, or an ice cold beverage, to understand the intention and context. Because a lot of times I suspect that the context is truly as innocent as, and the intent as whimsical as, some playful wax sculptures. 

If there's ever going to be any kind of peace in this world, it's going to be established person by person, around our commonality, by setting aside the differences that divide us, and by valuing those differences which individuate the paths we each take on our own, all to wind up in the same place anyway, in the same base form, in the end. 

Why not make a little room in your brain for something a little different while it is still able. There's an infinite amount of room in there and you're not near to using all of it anyway. If you don't already know some, go learn some sign language, for example, and think about what you would say to the inhabitants of the Hall of Wax. The first sign I learned today: "dream": right curved index finger opens and closes as it leaves its starting position on the forehead and moves up, looking to me like a wax inchworm-dragon flying backwards out of my forehead. Dream. In my dream, people in the street recognize the self in the other, and seek common understanding as a primary value in their daily activities. If I make that sign at you while I'm riding by, that's what I'm thinkin. And I'd really like to know what you're thinkin. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Very good. That struck a chord with me and was a pleasant reminder of how I want to be. My wife is fluent in ASL (American Sign Language). I know some thanks to her. I think it is beautiful to watch.

  2. I've always wanted to learn some ASL.
    Next step for those wax figures is to cast them in bronze.

  3. Rantwick I've been to a few live performances where the person off to the side signing was mesmerizing to watch.

    limom I am usually successful at pouring milk back into the carton, but putting me in charge of molten metal is asking for destruction of a cartoonish level.


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