Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Found a Cycle Computer on the Arizona Canal near 40th Street

Someone lost a bicycle computer on the Arizona Canal in the 40th Street area in Phoenix, and I found it. If it's yours, send me an email to my gmail address: johnromeoalpha . Identify the make, model, approximate odo reading, etc, and I'll get it back onto your bar where it belongs. 

I don't want to retain possession of one more gadget. I've exceeded the gadget holding limit of my life. But, I know if I lost this gadget, and someone found it, I would want them to make the attempt to get it back to me, so here's the attempt. Karma, golden rule, categorical imperative, and so on.

If anything comes of this, I'll update this post, since I'm sure the Internet will be checking back every minute or so to find out the outcome of this. Tell your Phoenix friends who cycle and let's see if this computer can find it's way back to it's rightful bicycle, so it doesn't end up at the bottom of my gadget box, right next to the Handspring Visor PDA and the pci vga card. Get up. Go ride.

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