Monday, July 19, 2010

Truss But Verify

Lining up a truss for assembling the Soleri Bridge in Scottsdale

The last few days, the construction boffins have been assembling the bridge to put across the canal down at the Soleri Bridge and Plaza project in Scottsdale. It looks to me like they put the two side trusses in place, then installed cross members between them. It looks really sturdy--compare it with the pedestrian bridge below, which spans the canal by 48th Street.

A graceful little pedestrian arch

In a previous post about the project, I scheduled the OSG photo shoot of the completed project for 11/06/2010, and it looks like that's a solid date, since they are rocking their project schedule: currently showing 54% complete with construction at the time of this post, and boldly stating a project completion of 10/2010. Hats off, bridge construction boffins, you are making great progress!

Relatively New Signage

 Truss #2 being lowered into the assembly area

 By this point, you may be wondering the same thing I was: with trusses this big, will the suspension be carrying much weight? Anyway, it's more truss than I would have thought was required, but it may just be hard to envision the end product at this point. Can't wait to see this bridge assembly settled into place reaching across the canal. Reports say that will happen this week. I'll keep my eye out for that, too, but would have to just get lucky to be there when they do it.

Video of one of the trusses being lifted and placed for assembly

And Done

This line of sight is where I believe the bridge will go. It almost looks like they will flip the truss over before they put it into place, but I'm not sure about that. If so, would they flip it sideways, or endways?

I just happened to be riding by when they were working on the trusses. Of course, I very interested in the tower(s), and am eagerly anticipating their assembly and placement. Riding through this area on the commute is interesting--something new is always going on, and, the route changes a little bit almost every day because they have to move stuff around. They have narrowed down Scottsdale Road to one lane as part of the project. They'll probably have a big ceremony and party when they finish this thing. They could probably hold the whole affair out on the bridge itself--I believe it will be able to support the load. It looks like it's built to last a long time. I'll post future significant developments. Get up. Go ride.



  1. Wow, cool! They're really coming along on the bridge. It looks like it's going to be really cool, too.

    Maybe when they're done Louisville could 'borrow' this fast and efficient crew and finally get our bike-and-ped bridge to Indiana completed... :D

  2. What would you estimate the span to be? One hundred feet?
    I dig how it's going across diagonally. Not sure about the narrowing on one side(potential bottleneck) though I like how it looks on paper.
    I think you are correct. The towers seem more for aesthetics.

  3. I take that back.
    About the towers, I mean.
    I didn't see the anchor pylons.
    Boy, I'd really like to read some technical info on this design.

  4. What can I say, I'm a sucker for construction photos!

  5. The Scottsdale Arts site says that the pedestrian bridge will be 130 feet long. The towers, whatever they will be supporting or not supporting, are also supposed to serve as some type of sundial. I couldn't find a clear and detailed diagram of what will be finally built. A few articles state that the sunlight will pass between the two towers, forming a "dagger of light." The narrowing bridge may be part of that sundial scheme, or not. Please check out the animations on the Arcosanti site. I hope those are the colors they're using on the final product: WOW.

    Steve A, there will be more photos...

    Koko, I think this crew are former Seabees. They know how to bridge a gap pronto.

  6. Interesting.
    I wonder if the marks for the equinox and solstice correspond with the where the suspension cables attach to the span.
    Also the animations do not show the anchor columns on the acute side of the towers.
    The evil part of me wants a fresnel lens in between the towers so when the solstice comes, it really does form a dagger of light creating a puff of smoke on the bridge.

  7. I, too, crave engineering and design details. OTOH, there will be some surprises in store when they're done building it. Some of the renderings look like there are squares running along the center of the bridge deck. Too bad we don't have a Lahaina Noon here, they coulda put in a special square for that.


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