Friday, July 30, 2010

Today the Universe Vindicated this Blog

Exhibit A

Today, the universe vindicated the keen insights which were elucidated with such clarity and force of wit in this blog that Reality had no choice but to concede, and cause them to be realized. To wit, in yesterday's Expect Happy post, I expanded on my hypothesis from the previous post, Tour de Cart, that, paradoxically, construction zones which may seem more dangerous to cyclists because of their narrow lanes, sometimes confusing signage, and introduction of change of routine conditions actually seem safer. I used the example of a side street in a seemingly safe area that coughs up white Priuses (Prii?) with brake problems (or drivers unable to see cyclists) that appear to have it in for me, while the construction zones I transit on my commute have been a breeze. Well, today that side street was designated by celestial powers (or at least, tree trimming guys) to be blocked off with orange cones. Not a rampaging Prius in sight! (Exhibit A)

OK, I agree, by itself, not that significant. But then I came across the scene below, Ex. B, and it dawned on my: the Universe was saying to me, John Romeo, you know where it's at, bub. Your vision of the world, as you see it from the vantage point of your 20+ year old mountain bike with fenders and rack, has something to say to others, because you see how it is. Or something similar to that. Because in the Tour de Cart post, I remarked that it appeared to me that it would be safer to ride a shopping cart in a construction zone than it would be to ride a bicycle in a bike lane. I today I saw this, below, while riding through the construction zone, and experienced something of an epiphany: it is so.

Happy Friday. Get up. Go ride.

 Ex. B: When the Universe Parks Your Ride, You Don't Ask Twice


  1. Oh, I've heard of is part of the "Share-a'Cart" program that is so popular in Portland, Denver and Amsterdam. Forgot your grocery cart at home? No problem, just use the carts littered throughout the city!

  2. Big Clyde, I wish we could get one of those cart share programs going in Phoenix. Of course, Phoenix Cart Chic has only just started recently. And with our mandatory full downhill gear for cart riders laws, I fear any cart share program would be doomed from the start. And then there's the old neverending argument from the infrastructure cart people who want cart lanes separate from separate bike lanes separate from traffic lanes.

  3. As long as your route is all downhill . . .

  4. Emma, the Share-a'Cart program will be supported by legislation which ensures that all cart lanes are downhill only.


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