Saturday, July 24, 2010

She Understands

When the path looks like this at sunset, and I have my lights and enough water, and Bip rides like a dream, and after an hour the stiffness spins out of me and the head clears, I think she understands when I stay out riding another hour or two and let the time slip away. I know she understands that I need this. It's become a ritual, this daily ride or two, and when I don't get at least one in, it throws me off. It's harder to maintain a state of equanimity, and after a few days without, I'm likely to become downright grouchy. So she understands if I get a little caught up in the moment, and keep riding an extra hour or two. 

It's become quite a habit. I remember exactly how I got started, though, and it's the same way I keep it going. I found myself sitting around feeling blah, and I told myself that it was easy to change that by doing one thing. Get up. Go ride.


  1. And I think I'll do that now myself...

  2. limomster - HID and CrMo the way to go.
    Steve A - I hear the road calling your name.

  3. meli beauty is the mind of the beholder.


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