Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Sleep Till Iowa

Last ride in Illinois. Iowa tomorrow!

I love these cerulean pillars of anoxic grain storage. 
They mark out my dreams,
they break up the horizon on long rides through the country,
they remind me of the farm where we got my first dog.
Note the crazy clean mirror-like reflections of each other.
Last ride in Illinois.
Tomorrow: Iowa!
No sleep till then.
Get up.
Go ride.


  1. I have to say (and if I'm repeating myself ... well ... tough) that your photos, JRA, are one of the more relaxing, more fun times of my day.

    Keep 'em coming!

  2. Empty roads.
    Still, I've only seen picutres of them.
    Endangered species around these parts!
    The bike seems to almost disappear into the corn.
    Oh wait!
    Iowa is tomorrow.
    How is that two wheeled contraption?
    I always wondered about those elderly cycles with the extreme angles on the seat tube and head tube.

  3. BlueCat thanks for the compliment. If you keep saying nice things like that, you might convert me to a 'bent yet!

    limom the bike felt OK although a little different than I am used to when I descended that hill. Maybe it was the gravel road, or the angles, or both in cahoots, but it felt sketchy. And it's not just bicycles that disappear in the corn....


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