Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love the Color

Love the color

"Benjamin Franklin instituted the first municipal streetcleaning service in the United States in 1757, in Philadelphia, and it was around this time that American households initiated the practice of digging refuse pits, as opposed to just throwing garbage out of windows and doors."
-from Rubbish! by William Rathje and Cullen Murphy

Love the color. Dislike seeing trash strewn about the public space, though.

Get up.
Go ride.


  1. The color is particularly nice against the rust and flax of the plants it's lying beside. But yes, would be nicer thrown away or recycled.

    An organization down the road held an event that involved confetti, and of course we, being downwind, received a lot of it in our yard. Two years later, I still find bits of purple or gold mylar while gardening. Colorful yes, but still annoying

  2. cycler - hello! Thanks for following! I think I was also struck by the texture of the pavement as it appeared in the photo, lit by the late-afternoon sun. It doesn't seem that rough when I'm riding over it. That book that I mentioned above, "Rubbish!", is about the Garbage Project at the U of Arizona, which dug up dumps and found that what people report about their consumption doesn't always match what the evidence of their garbage actually shows. Also that some things last longer than we might think. Like mylar confetti blowing on the wind...


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