Thursday, July 29, 2010

Expect Happy

Temporary Paradoxical Safety Zone Around the Corner from Yesterday's Post

Riding toward the camera along this one lane construction zone slot of a lane is great on a bicycle. Drivers seem to realize that there's nowhere else you could possibly go, and also, that there's not enough room to pass a bicycle here without running it into the fence. Yet, on first glance, you might think it would be very unsafe. This is the place the Arizona Canal crosses Scottsdale Road. The construction is part of the Soleri Bridge and Plaza project. Crossing this street on a canal ride seems more dangerous to me than riding down this narrow lane with all its temporary signage. Although the words "ROAD WORK" don't seem to add much information. Perhaps it could say "TEMPORARY PARADOXICAL SAFETY AREA".

No complaints at all about my car drivers today though. There was 100% compliance with the three foot law at all times, and I experienced at least two acts of explicit niceness. One pickup truck at a four-way stop didn't see me sitting in the rain waiting my turn at first, but looked just as he decided to go, and very clearly recognized me as another sharer of the road, and indicated I should proceed according to turn. I know that's a small thing, but sometimes it really is the small gestures that matter.

Oh, and I think the message below is directed mainly at cars, since I don't notice much difference transiting through here on my commute by bicycle. Although, similar to my reaction to hearing the morning traffic report on the radio before I leave, again this doesn't seem to add much information: since commuting by car and experiencing delays is normal situation, this sign would be more accurate if it said "EXPECT DELAYS (ON TOP OF YOUR NORMAL DELAYS).

Unless you're riding a bicycle. Then you can just cut through the park, ride along the canal, and feel those rare, cool Arizona raindrops hitting your face. Get up. Go ride.



  1. It does seem counterintuitive, but my own motorists tend to be extra considerate towards each other and towards me in construction areas. In traffic jams, they treat me well, but treat each other like garbage.

  2. Traffic jams + inside the car isolation = behavior modification. I've seen people who are probably super-nice in person act like psychotics with anger management issues toward other drivers over the smallest of perceived infractions.


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