Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunbrellas Free My Soul

Mad Max Beyond the Happy Sign

 Keep Out

 Quality Signs Sell Quality Bikes

 Site of the November 6, 2010 Soleri Bridge OSG Photo Shoot

 Oh He Can

 Sunbrellas Free My Soul

Get up. Go ride.


  1. Boy, I can hardly wait for that bridge to go up.
    I hope you get more construction pics, especially of the nonperpendicularized supports.

  2. limom I envisimaginate being there when they lower those shiny nonperpendicularized supports into place. And then again for the 11/06/10 OSG documentary photo shoot: Soleri: A Bridge Too Gnar

  3. "a bridge too gnar" almost made Sierra Mist come out of my nose!


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