Saturday, June 26, 2010

Racking up the Smileage

Some signs will have a totally different effect on a person riding a bicycle than on a motorist. Others generally have exactly the same effects, or should. In the "same effects" category, I'm thinking of stop signs, yields, do not enter, and so on. In the "totally different effects" category I am thinking of those which permit one but prohibit the other, or otherwise send a message that means something different to each. The signs below make me smile, and might be likely to have the opposite effect on a grimly determined motorist gritting his or her teeth against the evening rush. So here, presented for you consideration, is a mini-gallery of signs which added to my yearly smileage total. I'm racking it up this year. Looking for a personal record for smileage. Get up. Go ride.

Yes I Did

 Handless, Footless, Riderless, Kinda Narrow

 This includes YOU, add-on bicycle engine guy

 On the car side, this is a blank rectangle



  1. Hmm, I'd never really thought of that, but you are absolutely right!

  2. I always think the pedestrian-sign guy (who is the same shape on our cross-walk signs, here) looks cramped, like he's hobbling. I wonder if he looked like he was having more fun if people would walk more.

    Maybe he's hobbling because he fell off his bike? At least the faithful bicycle is following him home.

  3. That's how I walk if my back is bugging me. Or if I am running from zombie bicycles that keep following me around. Sometimes, they even take money out of my pocket, buy themselves, and go home with me, before I even know what happened. They have some kind of mind-scrambling force field or something.


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