Thursday, May 27, 2010

Soleri Bridge Project: Envisioning a Completion Date

The Cats Come Out to Play Down by the Canal

Opening Fall/Winter 2010! I have mentioned this project before, for example when they said they were 7% complete, and when there was an Envisioning Device to help evisimaginate the final result. Today I noticed this handsome new poster which includes a rendering, as well as a bold statement of a completion date. I realize "fall/winter" gives them a six month window for success, but still, the project has an endpoint now, plan-wise. They are currently 32% complete, according to this page, which I assume will increment as they go along.

All right, full disclosure time: I'm a sucker, an easy mark, a pushover, for bold, soaring bridges. From my early days crossing the Mississippi on the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge and the I-280 bridge, to the Golden Gate, the Verrazano Narrows, even the Jiefang Bridge in Tianjin, China, steel and/or cables bridging space make me happy. When they finish this bridge, I will lay down on it and take pictures looking up at the sky, guaranteed. Sometime Fall/Winter 2010. Now, I have some experience with projects and dates. OK, mine are not building bridges, but they involve tasks and dates and resources and deadlines, so same difference, right? Sometimes all it takes to get a project in motion, with momentum and purpose, is for someone to set an actual target date. OK, allow me, long list of Soleri Bridge and Plaza team members: I'm not talking ribbon cutting here, I'm saying: JRA lays on his back and takes pictures for the blog of the newly completed bridge. Let's say November 6, 2010, shall we? I am already envisimaginating it! Pictures of thrusting stainless steel bridge pylons against a brilliant blue sky, in this space. 11/6/2010. It's on the calendar. I'm available for weekly project checkpoint meetings if needed to hit the date. Now before you write that idea off, here's my strategy: I would pay embarrassingly large bonuses to teams that hit their deadlines, and assess frightfully painful fees against teams that miss their deadlines. Update the poster with the date, and I'll know that you are all in. Get up. Go ride. 


  1. Wow, that tall thing is the support structure?
    Not really sure how I feel about it but am leaning toward kinda cool.
    Are there like two spans on either side?

  2. Two stainless steel support tower(s), both on the south side. I'll let a few other people cross it first before I try it out. :)

  3. Wow! I did a search on the bridge and I'm impressed. I was about to ask about an opposite force on the towers and it's as I guessed, the towers are are angled against the cable tension!
    Then again, nice solution to a design problem, not too sure about how it I feel about it on a suspension bridge!
    Cannot wait to see the sun and how it reacts to the space bewteen the towers.
    Pics are a must!

  4. Please look for pics in this space on 11/6/2010 according to plan. I guess sound/video will be needed to capture the bells in action, too.


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