Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Ride: The Path Not Taken

The Path is Closed. Go a Different Way. Who Knows Where it May Lead

 Hunt's Tomb. White Pyramid on a Hill. More Pyramids Ahead

 Lake Shaped Object

Cyclist's Eye View

Displaced Saguaros Get Props

Yet They Bud and Make Arizona State Flowers Like Crazy

Salt River / Tempe Town Lake Bridge. ASU Up Ahead

ASU Bike Racks, First Week of Summer Break


Greetings from Tempe

Tempe City Hall, Another Pyramid (inverted)

Hayden Flour Mill, BW

Cyclist Buddies Down by the Town Lake Shaped Object

Buoys Prepped for the Triathlon Tomorrow

Centerline Sidewalk Near Hunt's Tomb (indicates pyramid nearby)

A Place to Sit Your Tired Bones and Read a Story

Curry and College. Needs a "Get up. Go Ride" Sticker

And that was the ride. Rode the one speed, took it slow to medium, enjoyed the hotter temperatures and lack of allergens in the air. It was a strange ride even for me, I must admit. Riding around ASU the week after the students left is akin to a ghost town tour. And that "Path Closed" sign got me spinning on a path-not-taken thought trail that went down some dark spirally places. I'm drinking some coffee and listening to some great music to see if I can't yank myself out of the dark spirally place. Right now it's "Dead Can Dance" but that's not really doing it for me. So [reaches into the music bin and randomly pulls out] Pogues "Peace and Love." That's the ticket. Think I will dance around the room a bit. Get up. Go ride.


  1. So, looking at the Tempe City Hall, just how high are property taxes there?

    Plus, can you snag me that chainguard?

  2. Steve the median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with mortgages in 2008 in Tempe: $1,453. A little lower than Phoenix. Lower than DFW if that city-data site is in the ballpark.

  3. I'm curious as to that 'bicycle crossing' sign and button. Just what happens when you push it?
    Do the light up signs also reflect bicycles or are they the generic pedestrian walk/don't walk types? Does the crosswalk have a bicycle lane?

  4. Interesting question limom. Prbly worth a post in itself. AFAIK it activates the same logic as it would if it were the pedestrian push button, except this one is easy for cyclists to reach. You don't have to go up on the sidewalk to make sure the light changes, and that you have enough time to cross. Once you push the pedestrian version, too, sometimes I feel compelled to then use the crosswalk. Personally I prefer the double loop detectors in the pavement. Car don't push no buttons!

  5. If that's the "Cyclist's Eye View", I suggest you look up before you crash into something.

  6. USJ that's an approximate eye view. I was imagining what it would be like to be short enough to use the Envisioning Device without crouching.


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