Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday on the Edge of Summer

Combed Until Gleaming in the Sunlight

Such Days as Bicycle Dreams are Made Of

Amazing 63 degrees when I started off this morning, and no sign of a morning temp like that for Phoenix until October (although the next two days look promising). Just behind the interesting horse-powered wagon was some VIP jogging on the canal followed by a security motorcade of two Suburbans and a Humvee, along a stretch barely wide enough for a guy pulling a wagon with a horse. I looked up, but didn't notice if there was a Predator drone circling for aerial surveillance. Hey VIP: get your freaking jogging motorcade off the canal. There are plenty of motor-friendly miles of pavement where you can go jog in high security to your heart's content: unless you are a most-welcome SRP boffin taking care of business, get your gas-powered machines out of the no gas-powered machines zone. Unless it was Shakira. She can jog anywhere she wants in my book. Get up. Go ride.  

 One Egret, ah ah ah ah (the Count)

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