Friday, May 21, 2010

If This Street

Made for Riding

If this street circumnavigated the globe, with a similar configuration and quality of pavement, and I suppose something like magic teleporters to cross the oceans, with sufficient water, food, rest stops, parks, and places to lay your head every once in a while, and I was pausing in this place looking this direction, on my road bike, with rested legs and a curious spirit, on a brilliant Friday morning, well, it would be hard for me to cut the ride short. Let the pedals turn, the chain run, the tires whisper. If they made it a one-way (EAST only), then what could I do? Next stops: Las Cruces, Austin, New Orleans. OK. I'm going to dip my bandanna in the cool water there and apply to neck and arms. Maybe it's the heat. Or maybe I'm over-thinking this and should just start pedaling. I look down and my feet click in. Have a great Friday. Get up. Go ride.

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