Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hummingbird Flutters into a Bar

Hey! Hummingbirds! Over here!

A hummingbird flutters into a bar. Bartender says, "What'll ya have?" Hummingbird replies, "I need a hummingbird feeder." Bartender points over in the corner, where one of those red plastic dispensers filled with cloudy sugar water hangs. "Over there, bird," he gestures, and goes back to cleaning glasses. "NO!" the hummingbird thunders, causing everyone in the bar to set down their glasses and look up, "I need 16-foot tall flower-form towers made of Cor-ten steel, rebar, river rocks, stained aggregate, intertwined with vines which carry the trumpet-like blossoms I crave. You got any of those?" "Funny you should ask, if you flutter back out those doors, and over to Drinkwater Blvd & Monterey Way in Scottsdale, you'll find what you're looking for. Now go away little bird, you are freaking out the other customers."

I Missed the Blossom Time for these Vines

 Built to Withstand Just About Any Hummingbird

 Picture a Massive, Rusted Steel Hummingbird Finding This

 Kevin Berry, Also Made the Rusty Fish of Tributary Wall

 A Glimpse of Floating World

I also rode Bip over to Eldorado Park to look at Floating World, but the Aquatic Center is still closed, so I could only get a peek at the beginning, this multi-colored sidewalk decoration which leads into the front door. Perhaps when it reopens I'll get a more complete view. Some of you may be thinking that it's too early in the year to open an outdoor pool. However, the daytime highs are hovering around 90F now, which is fantastic when you have single digit humidity to go along with it. Just up the path from this, I saw some beach volleyball going on. I share the following photo just to demonstrate that it probably is warm enough for outdoor pools now. Get up. Go ride.

  Hello Summertime


  1. Why can I just not find this??? I tried to find it on my way home from work today. Off Drinkwater between Osborn and Earll or am I not even close? I bet I've gone past it many times and am just not seeing it.

    1. It may have been removed, which would be a loss. It was just a little north of Earll.

    2. I verified today, it's still there! Just south of the Villa Ocotillo sign on Drinkwater.

    3. I finally found it yesterday! I was looking farther south and on the west side of Drinkwater. I'm sure I drove by it many times and never noticed it. It's pretty...but tiny.

    4. It is so easy to overlook, isn't it? Which is what made me lose track of it. Now covered with blossoms, that would make it shine brighter!


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