Monday, May 3, 2010

Grips USA


I mounted my bike made in Wisconsin in my bike stand made in St. Paul, MN, in order to put on some Oury Grips made in Arkansas, using glue also from St. Paul, I thought simultaneously that I was glad I could buy US-made products, and also that these were very good products for my needs. Oury grips fit my slightly large hands and feel great to me with or without gloves, and I use them for those reasons alone. There are different methods for taking old grips off and putting new ones on, but there's one observation to keep in mind no matter how you do it: they should come off easy and go on easy, and if it's hard or you're getting blisters on your hands you're doing it wrong. I mention that only because I have done it several hard ways, and have gotten blisters on my hands while doing it, and there's no point in that. Compressed air is pretty good for taking non-glued grips off, but I find squirting alcohol under both ends and twisting back and forth to work them loose slips them right off. When the time comes to get these glued grips off I think that will be harder, and may involve cutting. To put these on, I squirted the yellow glue inside the grips, spread it around a little with a chopstick, put a little from the chopstick on the bar, and slid them right on. Allow to dry 24 hours and done. You do need to work fast: they call it Fast Drying for a reason. I put a nickle inside the end of each of these grips out of habit, although I think there's some possibility that the coin will stop the bar from cutting through the ends. I have also used safety wire to batten down these bad boys after hairspray utterly failed to keep them from slipping, and that works too, but I find the yellow glue a little simpler. Although now that I am the owner of a spool of safety wire and a tool for twisting  it, I suppose I should use it sometimes. I need to go try these out on a trail soon. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Soft, durable AND stylish!
    A trifecta!

  2. There are indeed few things that achieve all three and also say "For Mountain Bikes" on the package.


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