Friday, May 14, 2010

Great Blue Friday

One Reason I Ride a Bike: To See Stuff Like This

Canal-side Heron Breakfast Vigil

I didn't want to disturb him as he looked for breakfast. So I got about this close, and took some pics. Then a jogger jogged by, and both of us being so near to him crossed his threshold of tolerance for people. Can't blame him. He took off, a couple of easy wing beats, and he was across the canal, perched on the other side. And I thought, a canal that attracts Great Blue Heron is a canal I want to bicycle along. Thank you, tiny silver Great Blue Heron breakfast fishies for feeding this guy. I hope your numbers increase, and bring in more big blue-gray birds. I paused in my commute to have a moment to watch the bird, to contemplate his existence, to breathe in some morning air. Not to get from A to B fast as possible, but to take a moment. Reason to ride a bike number 712: moments watching Great Blue Herons having breakfast along the canal. Get up. Go ride. 


  1. There are a lot of them around my parts, but their tolerance for people snooping around is lower than your heron.

  2. A few herons decided to make homes around here, centered around a few man-made lake shaped objects. There's also a vigorous mosquito spraying program. I'm wondering: is the Phoenix area (4+ million people, middle of the desert) a livable place for herons, over time? I ♥ herons. So I'm keeping an eye out for them.


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