Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dam Neck: Not Just a Road in Virginia

Smooth, Flowing Balanced Motion

When I woke up this morning, it felt like I must have slept with my head wrapped around my shoulder and jammed up into my armpit, my neck hurt so much. Thankfully it doesn't happen very often. Sometimes I know problems like that are my own damned fault--I ride too tight, hold on to the grips too tight, don't relax, don't go with the flow, don't stay light on my toes, don't stay loose, and so on. I think the way (method, not route) I rode out to see the Water Mark horses last night probably hit my neck wrong. The canal surface in some places was kind of powdery and loose, and with moonrise after midnight, it was pretty dark. I have brighter lights for riding, but figured I wouldn't need them just on the canal, so I took a smaller one. But, it actually would have helped to be able to see ahead to anticipate where the construction vehicles had left ruts, and where the soft powder or gravel was, so I wouldn't have gotten squirrely as often as I did. Bright lights are good.

Muscles turning cranks turning wheels pushing a bike down the road as smooth and rhythmically as possible, hands loose, neck comfortable. I think even on a commute it's important, not because I am in some kind of aggressive or straining physically demanding activity (quite the opposite), but more because repeated motion with poor form can cause pain or injury even if each motion is not filled with big ring sprint power. As a lot of us have found out, even typing a keyboard can cause various pains or injuries if done with poor form, ergonomics, or equipment ill-suited to the task. Egrets fly for miles, flapping over and over, but I doubt they get carpal tunnel. Something about grace, smoothness, ease, or perhaps a laser focus on the happy bounty of little fishes waiting to be harvested at the next body of water. Get up. Go ride.

    His Neck is Not Sore


  1. Souplesse.
    I don't know what it is, I don't have it.
    If I wore green, I'd look like Gumby.

  2. Only while riding a bike, of course.

  3. Neck strain while riding is yet another reason I love my Sun EZ Sport recumbent and why it has become my main ride.

  4. BluesCat - I see people riding 'bents and I always think, "MAN that looks comfortable."

    limom - Souplesse. I want it.


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