Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scottsdale Water Mark Followup

Scottsdale Water Mark, w/ Copy-Flip

Aluminum Horse, from Underneath Indian Bend Road

 Check Out the Lines on That One

Last time I was out this way, egrets were prowling around the neighborhood, these steeds still wore scaffolding, and some of their forelegs hung in mid-air, defying gravity. Now the scaffolding is gone, so are the egrets, and their forelegs are safely anchored with cement and brackets, waiting for the flood. It looks like the lights are also installed in the bases, but that will need a night ride to suss out. But, you are surely wondering, when will the flood come, when will the water roar through these beasts? That's up to the weather, and snow melt, and SRP, and so forth, but I nominated a faithful sentry to keep watch for when the waters rise. I'll keep my eyes to the skies, and if/when the floods come, will try to get back out here in time. Get up. Go ride.

  The Sharp-eyed Heron Keeps Watch


  1. Aluminium you say?
    I thought perhaps stainless.
    Still awesome.
    I wonder if they howl in the wind?

  2. I was kind of hoping for full suspension carbon fiber horses out there, but old skool hard tail aluminum has some charm. :)


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