Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scottsdale Cycle The Arts Ride 2010: Cheating Death, Cruising Art


Notice of Non-liability: I understand that physical injury or death may occur during participation in this program. By signing below I hereby release and agree to hold harmless the City of Scottsdale and its representatives to the fullest extent allowed by law from any and all claims for personal or bodily injury and property damage occurring or resulting from the above named participant/s. I agree that my and my child's physical condition is my responsibility and I have full knowledge of the risks involved in these events, and that I (and my child/children) am/are physically fit and competent bike riders in an urban setting.
 --"Permission Slip and Release of Liability for Participation in Event"

My daughter and I geared up and rode the Scottsdale Cycle the Arts ride this morning, an event which was part of the Valley Bike Month. We had a great ride, no injuries or death, and were both tired since we followed the John Romeo Alpha ride-to-the-ride rule.

Art Riders Gather, Sign Waivers, Receive Free Patch Kits and T-shirts

The second stop on the ride is a favorite of mine, "Horseshoe Falls" by Michael Malich (1999). Seeing a group of cyclists gathered around it warmed by heart. I tingled with anticipation as she pressed the button. Yes, there was still steam.

  Steaming, with Cyclists

From here, we cycled over to the Scottsdale Waterfront, to looks at "Passing the Legacy", and also at the Soleri Bridge project. I hadn't seen the sort of trompe-l'œil vision of what the bridge will look like when completed. I almost lined it up correctly, below. Close enough for blog.

  I Can See the Future

 Riders on the Bridge (the real one, not the one being built)

 One of Several Bents on the Ride

There were riders and bikes of all types, shapes, and sizes. I think there were fewer bikes with fenders (like mine) than either folders or recumbents. I did see a foldie with fenders. My love affair at a distance with Bike Fridays continues unabated.

   We Are Destined for One Another, My Folding Heart-throb

 The Double-helix of Bike DNA

The last stop on the shorter route included this gravel bike parking area that has a double-helix meant to represent DNA, since one of the functions contained within the building is Police Forensics. There were also some benches with fingerprints molded on the sides. They sounded cool, but to my mind could have used with some black inky coloring applied to the prints. What do you think?

 Needs Ink

At the end of the ride, back at the Civic Center and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, T.B.A.G. was doing an awesome job running the bicycle valet and spreading the Good Word.

 Holding Down the Fort

Waiting for Valet Service

 We finished up with some pics in front of the Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture. Bike Love to all. Get up. Go ride. 



  1. That looked like a cool ride!
    Wish there was something similar here.
    How's the contemporary museum?

  2. SMOCA (the museum) has good exhibits, and a great location next to the library and civic center, which has restaurants, coffee, and grass to lounge around on--and no cars.


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